Monday, August 30, 2010

Pasture Growth by August 29

The following table shows the growth from pastures participating in the project. For information about the project see the introductory post. The information is reported in pounds of dry matter grown per acre per day. It contains the reported results as of the posting date. Some reports may be delayed for various reasons. Previous week’s information is updated when it is received. The current table will reflect the total information available.

Weekly Pasture Growth for 2010
Week StartingFields sampledMinimum Maximum Average Past 5 yr Average
(no.)(pounds of DM per day)
March 2892.76638.6na
April 4147.793.434.4na
April 11202.4188.356.4na
April 18240.2184.548.660.9
April 25
May 2603.3232.797.778.6
May 9531232.877.886.4
May 16613.825667.4100
May 23323.52518475.7
May 30326.5131.364.658.4
June 6402.7153.448.151
June 13454.1215.264.248.3
June 20306.3136.949.147.4
June 27344.1113.44849.1
July 4244.6123.338.559.8
July 11186.914445.635.5
July 1824080.133.632.3
July 25154.788.538.832.7
Aug 118794.142.756.1
Aug 8140.496.439.737.2
Aug 15158.696.527.329.5
Aug 22171.262.22941.6