Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ohio Pasture Growth by May 27, 2012

The following table shows the growth from pastures participating in the project. For information about the project see the introductory post for this 2012 and the post describing the project. The information is reported in pounds of dry matter grown per acre per day. It contains the reported results as of the posting date. Some reports may be delayed for various reasons. Previous week’s information is updated when it is received. The current table will reflect the total information available.

Weekly Pasture Growth for 2012
Week StartingFields sampledMinimum Maximum Average Past 7 yr Average
(no.)(pounds of DM per day)
Mar 25185.3126.257.2na
April 1146.792.636.373
April 8175.1102.939.555
April 15213.3156.942.772
April 22 145.199.744.682
April 29253.6188.957.379
May 6 340.9134.762.386
May 13217.5129.151.894
May 2012094.944.678