Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Darke County Pasture Walk June 19

The Darke County Pasture Walk offers a unique opportunity to learn more about grazing. The June 19th educational program will be held at the farm of Michael and Dixie Thompson located at 7357 New Madison-Coletown Rd. Greenville, OH (from Greenville take SR 571 West towards Union City. Turn left on Wagner Rd. then turn left on New Madison-Coletown Rd.). The program will start at 6:30 p.m. and is open to all farmers working with any species of grazing animals.

Managing pastures for maximum forage production not only results in highest yields in terms of quantity, it also means grazing animals will consume the best quality. How do animal managers set up the finest grass/legume smorgasbord for their cattle, sheep, goats or horses? Intensive grazing and rotational grazing are terms that often come to mind, but attention paid to additional details reward farmers with improved performance.

Bob Hendershot, State Grassland Conservationist for NRCS, will lead the pasture walk, examining forage species and weeds. His comments on forage nutrient requirements, grazing paddock layout and harvest management will benefit all who attend.

Once again, anyone who grazes beef or dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses or other animals are welcome to come, ask questions and offer their ideas. Please register by calling the Darke County OSU Extension Office at 937 548-5215 or email foster.99@osu.edu prior to June 19th.