Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Forages for Goats Field Day-June 28

Don't miss the Forages for Goats Field Day to be held Saturday, June 28, 2007 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This event will demonstrate how to diversify your forage base as an effective, economic, and sustainable strategy to reduce internal parasites and enhance animal performance in meat goats. Join us at Amazing Graze Boer Goat Farm, owned and operated by Mark Scarpitti and family, located at 4395 Richland Rd. NE, in the scenic rural community of Pleasantville in Fairfield County. This small farm is home to a registered Boer Goat herd comprised of sixty does, bucks, and young stock. Mark has developed a unique grazing system as a holistic approach to effectively managing the herd. This holistic system incorporates cool season and warm season forages as well as forages containing moderately high levels of condensed tannins.

This field event will feature a walking tour of grazing paddocks, a barbecue lunch, and several presentations related to designing holistic systems for meat goats.

Presentations for the day will focus on the following:
Fences, Heavy Use Pads, Composting, Water System,
Portable Housing and Paddock System Design
FAMACHA Scoring System, Fecal Egg Counts, De-worming Strategies,
Vaccinations, castration and debudding
Forage Establishment, Cool and Warm Season Forages,
Condensed Tannins-AU
Grazer Lespedeza and Birdsfoot Trefoil

For more information visit the Clinton County Extension web site, or give Tony Nye a call at 937-382-0901.